What is RSS?

RSS Stands for 'Rover Speleological Society'.

RSS is a group of social cavers formed in 1986 by the members of the Scouting Movement who wanted to further enjoyment of their caving.

Who is RSS for?

RSS Caving is for anyone interested in finding out more about caves/caving and having a good time doing it. We have members of all ranges of ability and experience.

RSS provides an avenue for present and past members of the Scouting and Guiding movents in particular to further their interests in caving.

The society is primarily based in Sydney but has members across Australia. Trips are predominantly in New South Wales, however, our members go across Australia and internationally.

What does RSS do?

The society offers a range of caving and social activities. This ranges from monthly meetings to activities such as weekend caving trips, extended trips and major expeditions.

Typically, we run one trip per month in addition to monthly meetings. We try to balance our interests by visiting different caving areas, introducing new people to caving, doing project work as well as recreational caving, and learn more about caves and all things associated with caving.